Join The Adventure

We’ve just announced our new project – Adventurers Wanted: Plague, which plays at Brighton Horrorfest in October 2017! Four individual adventures, all interlinked but enjoyable on their own too.

Friday Oct 20th, The Invasion of the Brood

Saturday Oct 21st, Infestation

Friday Oct 27th, The House on the Hill

Saturday Oct 28th, Resurrection

OR buy a Total Infection ticket for all four events!

Tickets are only available to watch for this event.

Why watch?

Tabletop roleplaying games can be funny, tragic, moving, tense and surprising. The worlds are fantastical, the stakes are high and the stories unlike any others.

All performances of Adventurers Wanted are relaxed performances. This means that the attitude to noise and movement in the audience is relaxed. People in the audience will express enjoyment of the show in different ways, and we ask all audience members to accept this. Ultimately, we want it to be like playing at home with friends: lively and informal and fun.

Why play?

Tabletop roleplaying games are escapism at its most fun and gripping. You might find yourself searching for treasure, slaying a dragon or escaping a volcano. As an adventurer, you get to explore the sprawling fantastical world our Games Masters are creating.

Click here for information on what to expect if you play.