Accessibility for Players

Is Adventurers Wanted accessible for hearing impaired or deaf players?

For players with interpreters, we offer free interpreter tickets. Interpreters can, of course, sit with players onstage during the game.

We also have a portable closed loop hearing system available for players. This system involves wearing headphones and a simple radio receiver.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide captioning for performances or a dedicated BSL interpreter for individual players.

Is Adventurers Wanted accessible for visually impaired players?

Most of the game happens in everyone’s imagination and is therefore naturally accessible. We have the following provisions for the game’s visual elements:

  • Character sheets are available in braille
  • We can adapt any of our maps to feature raised edges
  • We have an app which rolls any kind of dice and says the result aloud
  • To measure hit points, two small bowls of marbles are provided. Hit points measure a character’s health and 1 marble equals 1 hit point. Marbles can be moved in and out of the main bowl to keep track of changes.

For players with assistants, we offer free assistant tickets. Assistants can, of course, sit with players onstage during the game. We also welcome guide dogs.

We will print braille character sheets for you, but due to printing schedules we could only guarantee this if you book at least 10 days in advance.

Is Adventurers Wanted accessible for players who are wheelchair users?

Yes – the venue is wheelchair accessible, as is the slightly raised stage where players sit. There are accessible toilets in the hotel. We can provide details on how close these are to our specific room in June.

Can I play if I have dyslexia and/or dyscalcula?

Absolutely! For players with dyslexia, we’re happy to provide character sheets in dyslexia-friendly font and formatting. We’ll also have different coloured paper available so you can pick what suits you.

Players are typically have 5-10 minutes to read these sheets before playing. The Game Master will be happy to answer any questions about your character sheet. If you’d like more time, we’ll email you a copy of the character sheet in advance. Any documents we email you will be in dyslexia-friendly font and formatting.

For players with dyscalcula, the game master and regular players at the table are happy to help. The only maths in the game is adding or subtracting numbers when you roll dice. If you want, one of our team can do this for you. However, you’ll have total control over your character and their decisions.

Are there any restrictions on who can play?

There is a minimum age of 14 for players.

Players do have to accept that all performances of Adventurers Wanted are relaxed performances. There will be a relaxed attitude to noise and movement in the audience. We don’t want anyone to feel unwelcome due to how they express enjoyment and surprise. We ask that anyone playing accept and support this attitude.

What if I have an access requirement not listed above?

Please let us know what you’d need in order to attend and enjoy the show. You can use the contact form on our Contact page. We’ll reply as soon as possible and tell you if we can meet your needs.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee being able to meet everyone’s needs. We are however working hard to try and make the event as accessible as possible.