Accessibility for Audience

Will there be relaxed performances?

All performances of Adventurers Wanted will be relaxed performances.

We understand that people will express enjoyment of the show in different ways. There will be a relaxed attitude to noise and movement in the audience. The game is, by nature, unpredictable, but no one will be made to feel unwelcome due to their unique reaction to surprises. We ask that all audience members accept and support this attitude.

For more detailed information on relaxed performances please download our information pack here.

Is the event accessible for hearing impaired or deaf audiences?

We offer free tickets to any interpreters attending with audience members.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer captioned performances during the run.

Is the event accessible for visually impaired audiences?

The game is naturally accessible to audio description users. As with any other oral story-telling, all details are spoken aloud. Everything needed to understand and enjoy the game is naturally accessible to visually impaired audiences.

There are some non-essential visual elements that are sometimes used, including dice.

We are happy to provide free tickets to any assistants attending with audience members. We also welcome guide dogs.

Is the event accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes – the venue is wheelchair accessible and there are accessible toilets. Our seating is flexible and allows for wheelchair users to sit wherever they prefer.

Is there an age restriction for the event?

Yes – only those 14 years old and older can watch or play.

Can I bring a baby to Adventurers Wanted?

Yes – you are welcome to bring a baby, so long as it is a babe-in-arms and doesn’t require a separate seat. We would strongly recommend not bringing children over the age of 3 to Adventurers Wanted, as there is a possibility of adult themes and strong language being used throughout.

What if I have an access requirement not listed above?

Please let us know what you’d need in order to attend and enjoy the show. You can use the contact form on our Contact page. We’ll reply as soon as possible and tell you if we can meet your needs.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee being able to meet everyone’s needs. We are however working hard to try and make the event as accessible as possible.